[2009] “Child is King of the Country”

ISBN 978-89-88378-02-1 (93360)
"Child is King of the Country": NKHR Situation Report on the Rights of the Child in North Korea (Seoul: Life Human Rights Books, January, 2009).
Young-Hwan LEE ï Senior Officer, Research Team, NKHR


Soo-Jin PARK ï Junior Officer, Research Team, NKHR

Sung-Ah KYUN ï Project Researcher, Research Team, NKHR

Joanna HOSANIAK ï Senior Officer, International Cooperation Team, NKHR

Hakmin KIM ï Senior Officer, Campaign Team, NKHR

Young-Seok LEE ï Senior Officer, Education Team, NKHR


Laura M. CORSER ï Intern, Research Team, NKHR

Hye-Lim YOO ï Intern, Campaign Team, NKHR

Sohee SHIN ï Intern, Education Team, NKHR

Kyoungje MIN ï Intern, Research Team, NKHR 


Kwang-In KIM ï Advisor, NKHR

Ph.D. in Political Science (North Korean Politics)

Former Reporter Specializing in North Korea, >, >

Soon Chang YANG ï Researcher, The ACHR

Professor, Daegu University of Foreign Studies