The 9th International Conference on North Korea Human Rights & Refugees: Melbourne, Australia

The 9th International Conference
on North Korea Human Rights Refugees: Melbourne, Australia

Organizer(s) : Citizens' Alliance for North Korea Human Rights, The Australian Committee for Human Rights in North Korea
Sponsor : National Endowment for Democracy, The Chosun Ilbo
Day and Time : March 20~21, 2009
Venue : Melbourne, Australia
Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR) and the Australian Committee for Human Rights in North Korea would like to invite you to the 9th International Conference on North Korean Human Rights Refugees in Melbourne, Austrailia on 20~21 March, 2009.

Since 1999, the conference has, on a large scale, been held in Seoul, Tokyo, Prague, Warsaw, Bergen and London, and has contributed to drawing international attention on the issues of North Korean human rights and refugees. 
The conference started as a discussion meeting for NGO activists. Now, the conference has become an influential forum wher#101 the UN special rapportuer, EU representatives, diplomats, politicians, and international human rights NGO activitists and scholars can exchange information and opinions on issues improving the human rights situation in North Korea.
Australia, the hosting country of the 9th conference, has consistently voted in favor of the adoption of the UN resolution on North Korean Human Rights since the first resolution at the 60th UN General Assembly in 2005. The 9th international conference has been in the spotlight since various experts and influential figures, including the Australian Foreign Minister, the Hon. Stephen Smith, have promised their participation. The reception will be held in Melbourne Town Hall.
In addition, our conference stresses the improtance of artistic espression in the promotion of understanding others, thus a painting exhibition, a piano recital and film screenings will accompany the program, which will attract the Australian media.
By all means, we would like you to participate in our conference and share the world’s enthusiasm for improving North Korean human rights.
Yours sincerely,
January, 2009

Benjamin H. Yoon                                                                            Michael Danby
Representative                                                                                 MP and Chair
Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean                                               The Australian Committee
Human Rights                                                                                   for Human Rights in North Korea
March 20-21, 2009 

Venue: Hyatt Hotel 123 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia 

Organizers: Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR) 
                          The Australian Committee for Human Rights in North Korea
Sponsers: National Endowment for Democracy, USA
                        The Chosun Ilbo, ROK
Preliminary AGENDA
Language of proceedings: English/Korean
Friday, 20 March, 2009

08:30   Sign-in of Registered Participants

08:45   Opening Session 
              Moderator: Jae-chun Won, Professor, Handong International Law School,
                                  Director of Campaign, NKHR, ROK
              Welcome Address
                 Michael Danby, MP, Chair, The Australian Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Australia
                 Carl Gershman, President, NED, USA
              Keynote Speech
                 Hon. Stephen Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs (to be confirmed), Australia
              Special Remarks
                 H.E. Ueda Hideaki, Japanese Embassador in charge of Human Rights, Japan
                 H.E. Seong Ho Jhe, Ambassdor for Human Rights, MOFAT, ROK
09:30   Part I: ZOOM IN: Human Rights in North 
             ON HUMAN

              Chair: Hon. Michael Mackellar, President, the Australian Institute for                    
                           International Affairs

              Political Prison Colonies in North Korea: System and Repercussions
                Man-ho Heo, Professor, Kyungpook National University, ROK
              Situation of the Use of Torture in North Korea
                  Young-whan Lee, Senior Officer, Research Team, NKHR, ROK
               Situation of the Rights of the Child in the DPRK
                  Joanna Hosaniak, Senior Officer, International Cooperation Team, NKHR, ROK   
              Q A 
10:50   Break
             Chair: Dr. Sun-Young Park MP, Spokesperson, Liberty Forward Party, ROK
             North Korean Refugees in Japan: The Hidden Problems of the 'Returnee-Refugees'
              Tessa Morris-Suzuko, Professor, Australian National University, Australia
               Late, But Not Too Late: Korean-Canadians Mobilize
               Jack Kim, Executive Director, Hanvoice, Canada
                Film 'On the Bord#101r' by Chosun Ilbo
              Q A
12:40   Special Speech
             Professor Vitit Muntarbhorn, UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the
             DPRK, Thailand
13:00   Lunch

14:15   Part II: ZOOM OUT: North Korea through Art, Music and Film
          Chair: Jae-chun Won, Professor, Handong International Law School, ROK
14:15   Introduction of Cheol-woong Kim and painter Sun Mu. Conversation with two
             artists about their
work, freedom of expression in North Korea and their lives in              South Korea
             Piano recital explanation of the art work of Sun Mu
             Q A
14:50   Conversation with Torstein Grude, producer of the "Yodok Stories"   
             documentary film and
             Dong-hyuk shin, survivor of the Political Prison Camp
15:20   "Yodok Stories"documentary (2008) by Andrzej Fidyk and Q A
17:00   Closing Remarks
              Benjamin H. Yoon
, Representative, NKHR, ROK             
Saturday, 21 March, 2009  

10:00 – 12:30  Closed Roundtable meeting with MPs, NGOs, experts
                          (By Special Invitation Only)

               Senator Michael Forshaw (Australia) Chair of the Joint Parliamentary Committee for

               Foreign Affairs, Defence Trade, Australia
               Suk-woo Kim, President, National Development Institute, Board Member, NKHR, ROK
               Greg Sheridan - Foreign Editor -The Australian