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North Koreans who escape to China live under constant threat of arrest and forced repatriation back to North Korea.  About 80% of these refugees are women and children.  Women are particularly vulnerable to trafficking, sex slavery, and forced marriages. Established in 2010 by NKHR Board Members Mi-sook Lee and Young Seon Eom, and NKHR Director General Youngja Kim, NKHR’s Sharing Hope Project responds to the many cries of help from North Korean refugees: “Please save me.”  “I’ve been sold five times.”  “I don’t have any hope left.”  “I want to get an education.” Through private donations, NKHR’s Sharing Hope Project helps these refugees in crisis. The cost of saving one life is approximately USD 2,000 to 3,000. NKHR invites you to help save the lives of North Korean refugees. Please consider donating to the Sharing Hope Project.  If you would like to support the Sharing Hope Project, you may transfer vour contribution to: Woori Bank 
Account number: 142-097009-01-201
Account name: Citizens’Alliance

​​KB Kookmin Bank
Account number: 533301-01-050592
Account name: Citizens’Alliance​​


NKHR and APRRN call upon China to immediately stop the forcible repatriation of nine North Korean refugees
Refugee Relief
NKHR and APRRN call upon ...
NKHR and APRRN call upon China to immediately stop the forcible repatriationof nine North Korean refugees 1 December 2015 Nine North Korean refugees in China, including an 11-month-old infant, appear to befacing imminent repatriation to North Korea. If repatriated, these nine refugees wouldface torture and other severe human rights violations. Citizens’ Alliance for […]
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Nine North Korean refugees at risk of imminent repatriation, UN issues statement
Refugee Relief
Nine North Korean refugee...
(Photo: The mother of one of the refugees demonstrating outside the South Korean Ministry of Unification to help save her child) Nine North Korean refugees, including an 11-month old baby, are at risk of being imminently sent back to North Korea. NKHR calls on China to refrain from forcibly sending the nine refugees back […]
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Fundraising in Canada for North Korean refugees
Refugee Relief
Fundraising in Canada for...
Fundraising in Canada for North Korean refugees By North Korean resettler Sungju Lee “A man savinga life indeed is saving the world.” Rescuing NorthKorean refugees in China is a great way to defend universal human rights andbuild a stable foundation for the coming reunification of North and South Korea.In order to elicit interest and […]
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