North Korean Youth Program

Career Mentorship Program​

NKHR’s Career Mentorship Program helps North Korean high school students pursue meaningful and successful careers now that they are members of a modern and free society. Back in North Korea, these students lacked the freedom to chart their own career paths. In North Korea, professions are chosen by the government and are largely based on an individual’s family history and place in the country’s rigid political and social hierarchy. Having been raised in such an environment, North Korean youth often lack awareness of the types of careers available to them and the skills necessary to pursue those professions. NKHR’s Career Mentorship Program helps them navigate the difficult decisions necessary to finding fulfilment in their careers. Students in the Career Mentorship Program participate in college campus visits, college application information sessions, academic counseling, career exploration activities, and One-on-one mentoring, The activities help the high school students identify academic and career tracks that match their interests and talents.