Korean Air Hijacking Petition: Why is this important to you?


As many of you know, NKHR has been running an online campaign for the 11 victims of the 1969 Korean Airlines hijacking who have still not been returned to South Korea.  Here are some of the reasons why people have signed the petition:

Erin  M. from Canada says, “These families have been through enough on both ends. … Let the families be reunited and work together to build ONE KOREA the way it should have always been.”

Myung Suk S. from South Korea says, “They have to come back home and meet their own family.”

Doug M. from United States says, “Only by bringing light to this most repugnant and reprehensible policy can the world outside North Korea help to change attitudes of top leadership within.”

Anne D. of New Zealand says, “Everyone has the right to freedom and to be able to be with their friends and family.”

For Minsoon S. of South Korea, it’s a “simply humanitarian cause.”

Tell us here why YOU sign:

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